About Simply Salmon

Simply Salmon was formed in 1991 to promote a new brand of smoked salmon called Scottish Eagle; Ardvar Salmon smoked in the traditional way. Every side of salmon is hung individually in the old-fashioned brick kilns and smoked over oak chippings, thereby ensuring Scottish Eagle’s unique quality, so hard to find in these days of mechanical kiln smoking.

The BBC Good Food Magazine praised Scottish Eagle smoked salmon for its “delicate complex flavour which is very appealing with a clean lingering smokiness,” awarding it top marks in a Tried & Tested, beating the likes of Pinney’s, Harrods and Sainsbury’s. Simply Salmon became the trading company for Scottish Eagle Smoked Salmon and enabled Michael once again to join forces with his father at Ardvar.

In 1996 Scottish Eagle smoked salmon was rebranded Simply Salmon to coincide with the launch of the Simply Salmon hamper business. Due to the highly personalised hampers offered this proved unviable in the economic climate and this part of the business ceased trading in 2003.

Simply Salmon’s best known outlet of Charity Fairs still proves highly successful, and Michael and Sophie have chanelled all of their experience of running farms shops and a quality hamper business into sourcing unique and delicious luxury food and food related gifts. These provide wonderful presents for those difficult family friends and loved ones. They source many products from France and also produce some of their own as in their famous Payne’s Passion and homemade patés etc.

They are usually able to offer their wonderful Alderton Ham on and off the bone. These award winning hams can be delivered direct to your door and are perfect for holidays, celebrations, and of course Christmas.

All hams are delivered on a specified date, and have a three week shelf life.